Blossom Kollektiv

Blossom Kollektiv is a label that has established itself as a staple for house music sounds in just a short few years.

Inviting new up and coming artists to share their quality and stylistic approach to the genre they have built a family of like minded artists that share a similar dance floor vision. Starting out as a digital only label, last 6 years they began to release a slew of successful vinyl only releases that ended up in DJ bags around the world, while bringing the dance floors into a frenzy of musical delight
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Dj Chupacabra Aka Davide piras

Hailing from the idyllic South Tirol, DJ Chupacabra is a humble DJ and Producer who is acutely respectful of the world of music. Since starting DJing under his own name where he already counts quality releases on Pareidolia and Subwax Excursions, he has

played clubs in Germany, Portugal, Austria, Spain and of course his home country, expanding his repertoire and cultivating his sound in the process. His experiences lead to the conception of DJ Chupacabra, the audacious UKG alias that allows him to expound his vast creativity and channel his multifaceted loves through auxiliary channels. With releases on Carpet and Snare, RTCT Records and Haŵs, Davide is turning his attention to distinguished labels like Dansu Discs and TimeIsNow for his next forays into the garage domain. Keep your ears peeled for skittered drums and imaginative 2-step rhythms, then you’ll know the Chupacabra is at a party near you.
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Hélder Russo

Hélder started out as a music producer before moving on to become a shiny example of an interesting and original DJ. His first releases happened on now cult label Groovement, dutch based Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!

and of course the new label from Lisbon that is making waves around the world, Percebes Música. His productions are known for being extremely musical and rich, while highly infectious on the dance floor. His african heritage is clear on every one of his tracks and his dedication to the classic archetypes of Detroit, Chicago and New York techno, house and disco is transparent. He is the face of true underground activism in electronic black music in Portugal.
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Move & Connect

Mont Lake embassadors and residents from Innsbruck, Austria, Move & Connect are movers and shakers that obsessively collect the hottest and freshest slabs of contemporary vinyl from all flavours of club culture and mix them up and the highly appreciated Tante Emma club.

Tante Emma is Innsbruck’s most central electronic music culture hub and one of Austria’s most central spaces for the movement, and Move & Connect are some of the local talent behind the decks regularly in the space, that bring the sound of Innsbruck to life and solidify Mont Lake’s acoustic and musical philosophy to their local crowd. They also record radio shows and mixes to showcase and promote new exciting releases and artists and cross them with rare gems and classic jams. A must listen!
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oão Silva Pires aka Ka§par is one of Portugal’s most visible and respected electronic music producers and DJ’s. In his long career, Ka§par has worked with many of the world’s finest producers – from Larry Heard to DJ Nature, Kirk de Giorgio, Basic Soul Unit and many others.

He is one of the foremost local references to DJ with the biggest and realest legends and also an international artists with a few tours to his name. Despite having signed his work for some of the most relevant underground labels in the world (Clone, Midnight Shift, Groovement, 4Lux and – of course – Mont Lake), he remains very much an independent creator and has started his own label Percebes Música and manages his own bar while teaching music production professionally and hosting his weekly hour on Lisbon based FM soul station OXIGENIO FM. A national treasure.
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Mont Lake Records

Mont Lake Records is a vinyl record label based deep in the sumptuous mountains of the Tyrol region in Austria – the charming city of Innsbruck.

The minds and hearts behind the project are specialists in fine living, well known for their kind hearted nature and famed for being distinct hosts to both the artists and their event attendees. The project’s philosophy and ideals are those at the base of club culture: open mindedness and plurality. It uses simple archetypes – fine sound. deep knowledge, firmly rooted underground music: that deeper stuff, generally classified as “house” or “techno” of the hypnotic and purest sort.
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Easy Ridler (Tante Emma)

Martin “Easy” Ridler is the curator, resident DJ, graphic designer and, perhaps, the very soul of Tante Emma – Innsbruck’s top underground club venue, considered to provide one of Austria’s most exciting night life experiences.

With over 25 years and thousands of records spun under his belt, Ridler is a one-man encapsulation of the Tante Emma / Mont Lake philosophy in music and fine sound, and one of Innsbruck’s finest underground ambassadors.
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There’s nothing particularly new about the advent of a new record label; we know that. So, let’s strip bare the hype, bring the music up front and conduct ourselves with a healthy measure of self-awareness. Percebes?

Pusic Records

Innsbruck based vinyl record label //// mono.mode // mazzomba // soma


rtct.records is an independent music label founded in 2015. It’s a project based on a ‘friends & family’ vibe. We run our label from Innsbruck which is located in the Austrian alps

and we think it’s important not to lose the connection to our local community so we are also doing some work in the art scene, but this is a whole other story. if you want to check out what else we’ve got going – or simply want to follow our musical output – you’d be served best on our Homepage and social media outlets.
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