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Honeydrop – ORLEON EP [MLR005]

By DJ Honesty alias Honeydrop

Vinyl Only
Out on May 26th

“It’s 3 AM and a person walks into a club. One step to the left, one step to the right. Drink in one hand, a cigarette in the other. It’s dark, moody, loud, yet the sound reaches all of the 300 pairs of ears and legs with power. It’s hot, sweat is running, there’s constant movement everywhere.
Nobody is resting, even those just sitting and talking are buzzing — looking at each other. Another drink, another cigarette, more light, less light, shaking bass bins, less volume, more volume, a wave of cheers, another one, one after another.”With the fifth outing on MLR Honeydrop delivers a fine set of memories taking us right back to what we know so well and love so much.

Four impeccable pieces of club music further underline the capability of DJ Honesty alias Honeydrop to effortlessly connect us to the dancefloor — especially considering a part of this record consists of previously unreleased material: B1 was originally crafted in the golden era of house music. It just now sees the light of day. Nostalgia isn’t the only emotion he makes us feel though, the Orleon EP is just another slice of proof for Honeydrop’s sense for timelessness, keeping us sane and full of hope for the

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