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DATE: 29/05
38.6641° N, 9.1744° W

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and related ongoing legislation updates, our is 10 AM to 10 PM of May 29th. 

To be clear: 12 hours of partying, great bang for the buck. Since authorities prohibit partying and alcohol after that time we must, naturally, comply and adapt. After that, at 10 AM the next day, the after party will follow. More on this shortly

To enforce safety, we are going to be offering some incentives for those who show us a valid NEGATIVE COVID-19 TEST, or proof of immunity – namely a free drink! So, do all you can to show us you’re good to go.

Also, for people with no tickets – arriving any time between 10 AM and 01 PM (from ten in the morning to one in the afternoon) – we will be giving away two welcome drinks. If you show up early AND show your COVID-19 negative test, so THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM and if he’s COVID-19 clear, he gets even more!

Finally, any bulk purchase processed by a single payment MUST IDENTIFY ALL ATTENDEES. 

This means if you buy 10 tickets, note that all the remaining 9 people going with you must be identified in your purchase by email with name, phone number and email for contact tracing purposes should they be necessary (we are doing all we can to make sure it won’t). We can’t return money for unidentified ticket holders, if your data is not with us, we will not be able to host you… please work with us so we can all party again fully, without these annoying (but necessary) rules.

MBWAY Payment –
We also accept payment through the commonly used MBWAY system – useful for those in Portugal. Please send according ticket price to the number below. Also, in your description, please mention your name, phone number and email. If you buy for more than one person, all of the ticket holders must be identified to validate ticket.
(00 351) 912 550 094

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